The Pack Collective is a design and strategy collaboration of like-minded business creatives. We focus on creating human-centric transformation in customer services and experiences.

Our Purpose

We grow businesses by creating experiences that inspire change, emotion and action.

It can be laughter, awe, empathy or understanding. It can be a product or service stream, community placemaking, an iPhone app, something we invent or anything else. It just has to be work we can all be proud of, work that has a purpose and cannot be ignored.

Our Approach


We believe that the best products and services are the ones that are shaped by the humans who use them. No product or service exists in a vacuum—nor do we consider design in isolation of the overall brand experience.

We recognise that transformative customer experiences don’t emerge from a single source. We use human-inspired design thinking that works in close collaboration with our clients. We take time to understand the business challenge or opportunity, and then we work iteratively to test hypotheses and assumptions through prototypes and user research to continuously build and test our design. We consider the varying touchpoints and experiences a customer might have with a brand and combine an interdisciplinary approach into a single solution, creating unified experiences that foster meaningful relationships between brands and humans.

Core Services


  • Business Strategy
  • Innovation Workshops
  • Research and Interviews
  • Quantitative Surveys
  • Competitive Review
  • UX/CX Auditing


  • Service Design
  • Storytelling
  • Brand Strategy
  • Persona Empathy Maps
  • Ecosystem Maps
  • Information Architecture


  • Physical Design
  • Wayfinding
  • User Experience Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Digital Technology
  • Communication Design

Who we’ve worked with

Victoria Government
Melbourne Water
The University of Melbourne
Australian Unity
Gourmet Garden
BHP Billiton
Australian National University
Mondelez International